Community, Integrity, Vision

Davis City Council District 2 Candidate 2020


Davis is an amazing city! I have long valued how Davis becomes a hometown for people from all over the world and I am committed to a city government that is transparent, inclusive and treats EVERYONE with respect. I have enjoyed fulfilling and enriching experiences living in other places - Chicago to Portland, New York and Los Angeles - but Davis has always been my true home. Today, I am seeking to serve the community as a City Council member out of a deep love for our community and from a sense of duty and service. I am committed to a city government that is transparent and inclusive.

Student Body.jpg

Davis Enterprise, Davis High School Student Body Officers, 1989



I was born in Woodland in 1970 and moved directly to Kent Drive in what was then the Northwest corner of Davis. I live on Kent again today, but now it is solidly Central Davis. The City has grown considerably since then, and how we grow from here is one of the biggest questions we face as a city and a central issue in my campaign.


My parents came to Davis shortly after the UC Davis Medical School opened and my father, Donal, joined the faculty as professor of biochemistry. He went on to serve as the Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs, overseeing the medical school curriculum. He was also a founding coach of the UC Davis Rugby Club in 1970, and served as the faculty advisor for both the women and men’s clubs until he passed away in 2017.


My father and I collaborated in 2016 to save the UC Davis Playing Fields on Russell Boulevard (including the Rugby field). We helped organize a group of Davis residents and students to convince the university the value of retaining the Russell fields. Ultimately, we also helped persuade them to increase proposed student housing in a different location on the UCD campus. That housing is under construction now and is scheduled to open this fall.


My mother, Sandra, worked in private business and as a researcher at the Medical School, but I am most proud of the work she has done for women with breast cancer. As a survivor of breast and ovarian cancer, she has been an advocate of cancer research on a national level and has led a monthly support group for the last 30 years that is now part of Thriving Pink (a nonprofit dedicated to helping local breast cancer survivors thrive). I am inspired by her sense of service.


I grew up playing soccer in Community Park, riding my bike to school and playing pogo. As a young student I attended West Davis Elementary, West Davis Intermediate, Emerson Junior High and lastly Davis Senior High School where I was elected Davis High Student Body President. My first public speaking experience was before the Davis School Board, additionally I served on the design review committee for the Teen Center.  I have a deep sense of community in Davis and want to bring the best parts of that forward as Davis changes to meet new challenges including becoming more equitable, and facing climate change.

Education and Experience


After graduation from Davis Senior High School in 1989, I attended North Park College in Chicago where I was a student senator. After three years I returned to Davis to study art at UC Davis. 


While a student at UC Davis I was active with the ASUCD Whole Earth Festival, serving as the director of volunteers (then called the Karma Patrol Director), the art space director, and the sustainable agriculture education director. Starting in 1987 I attended Non-Violence trainings for the Whole Earth Festival.  As the "Karma Patrol Director" I was responsible for defusing the most tense of situations. We operated as a buffer between festival goers and the police. I went on to be a trainer and continued pursuing this philosophy even attending classes with the Reverend James Lawson, one of the leading tacticians and strategists in the Civil Rights movement who worked with Dr. King and trained John Lewis. The values I learned helped shape my views on paths for police reform.


I lived both on campus and off and became an avid gardener while living at the Agrarian Effort Co-op. When the Co-ops were threatened in a new UCD Long Range Development Plan, I organized the effort advocating for student housing. These experiences led me to an understanding of the complexity and truly long term nature of UCD planning. I was a vocal advocate for student housing again as UCD prepared the 2018 LRDP. 


Serving as a camp counselor and assistant director at Cal Aggie Camp, I worked with children from Yolo county foster program. I was the publicity director at the ASUCD  Experimental College where I first learned computer aided graphic design. I was employed from 1994-1998 at Holmes Junior High School as a paraeducator. These leadership and teaching experiences help me to connect with issues that our students and families face. 


In 1996 I founded The Flatlander publication, a local alternative newspaper that was published three or four times a year. I was the editor of The Flatlander through 1998 when I left Davis to pursue my career in New York. I was a graphic artist at a major PR and advertising firm where I worked for Fortune 100 clients and gained exceptional career experience in presentation design and client service.  


My mother is now 82 and lives with my children and me in the house I grew up in. 

My two children attend public school in Davis and are active with photography, the snowboard team, 4 H and Girl Scouts. I am soundly in the sandwich generation and personally face the challenges of child and elder care and the joys of multi-generational living and coparenting.

Non violence training.jpg

Non-Violence Training  photo by Daniel Ng, 1994

Career and Current Activities


Since 2003 I have worked as a litigation graphics and technology consultant and have led teams supporting civil trials in courts across the country. I am currently a Senior Presentation consultant at leading national firm. With the current pandemic we are at the cutting edge of technology making it possible for the first major civil bench trials to take place with secure moderated video technology. My detail oriented, time sensitive and collaborative work has well prepared me to serve the citizens of Davis as a Davis City Council member. 


In 2013 my company offered me the opportunity of a lifetime to launch our practice group in San Francisco. This opportunity was particularly sweet because it meant returning home to Davis with my family. I welcomed the opportunity not just to return home, and for my kids to live in this relatively safe community with strong public schools. I value Davis all the more for the time spent in other communities, and that experience helps me see Davis from different perspectives.

Since then I have been engaged in several grassroots community-oriented campaigns that have had a positive impact on our community. I currently serve as an appointed commissioner on the City of Davis’s Tree Commission. This appointment was important to me as I have been a lifelong advocate for the environment. Also, I am a co-founder and a facilitator of which publishes articles and encourages positive dialog in the Davis community.  Additionally, out of concern for collapsing bee populations, I became a backyard beekeeper 10 years ago .  

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This grassroots campaign for City Council District 2 is exciting. Interacting with the  community is invigorating. COVID-19 has created challenges, but inspires creativity in finding new ways to engage and listen. Please contact me at, I look forward to hearing what you have to say.  I am energized to work together with the Davis community to improve our quality of life through sound planning and decision making that further our community values of equity and inclusivity. 


I respectfully request your support.