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Colin is honored to have the endorsements* of many community leaders and members.
Former Davis Mayors 

Jerald Adler

Michael Corbett

Sue Greenwald

Bill Kopper

Joe Krovoza

Ken Wagstaff

The national Sierra Club, a grassroots national organization with 3.8 million members that works to advance climate solutions and ensure that everyone has access to clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment, has endorsed Colin Walsh.

Roberta Millstein, Open Space and Habitat Commission Chair

Ezra Beeman, Finance and Budget Commission Member

Alan Pryor, Natural Resource Commission Member

Chad Fisk, Civic Arts Commission Member

Tracy DeWitt, Tree Commission Member

Pierre Neu, Winters City Council Member

Luke Foster, Dixon School Board Member

Stan Forbes, Former Davis City Council Member 

Mike Harrington, Former Davis City Council Member 

John Munn, Former Davis School Board Member

Josh Jones, Green Party Endorsed candidate for Governor in 2018

Dick Livingston, Former Davis Senior High School TeacherPam Gunnell, Former Planning Commissioner

Marilee Hanson, Former Planning Commissioner

Nancy Price, Former Planning Commissioner

Erin Gooch, Former Open Space and Habitat Commission Member

Greg House, Former Open Space and Habitat Commission Member

Greg McPherson, Former Tree Commission Member

Ted Parks, Former Tree Commission Member

Dean E. Vogel, Former California Teachers Association President

Martin Barnes, co-founder Davis Farmers Market

"The success of [Campaign to save Russell Fields], of which I was a member, was due in great part to the spirit of collaboration that Colin brought to it.  This personal experience tells me that Colin will bring this same spirit of inclusive collaboration and problem solving to the City Council. Please join me in voting for Colin Walsh."

                 - Nancy Price, Former Planning Commissioner

"From serving on the Tree Commission to his past involvement with the Native Plant Society to his concern for the harm done to wildlife by rodenticides, Colin has shown he has a deep and abiding passion for both making our communities healthier and protecting our increasingly threatened natural world. I am also impressed by his compassion for animals, including his three rescue dogs, and the way he cultivates a love for nature and animals in his children. I enthusiastically endorse his candidacy for city council." 

                -  Janet Krovoza

"Colin's policies are based in community outreach and common sense." 

                 - Dan Urazandi, Owner of Bizarro World

"Colin is not afraid to swim against the stream." 

                 -  Heather Caswell, Owner of The Wardrobe

John Addiego
Michelle Uribarri Bailey

Rob Baker
Lydia Baskin
Ceri Beeman
Marcia Benham
Craig Benham
Jacob Bernhardt
Ann Birkhaus
Kay Blacker
Joyce Blacker
Steven H. Blum
Stephen J. Carter
Ron Cole
Rebecca Cole
Dan Cornford
Gilbert Coville

Bethany Daniels
Ann Denvir
Arlene Ellis
Carol Ernst
Tracy Kay Gibson
Kirsten Gilardi
James Gilardi
Judy Gonzales
Bill Greene
Mark Gueffroy
Nancy Hardaker
Benjamin Hart
Char Henwood
Mark Hicks

Anna Hill
Harold Honeyfield
Coco House
Carey Ann Hunt

David Johnson
Garda Johnson
Barbara Katz
Richard Keller
Carter Keltner
Janet Krovoza
David Kupfer
LouCinda Laughlin

Donna Lemongello
Michael J. Lewis
Mary Lowry
Jenella Loye
Jackie MacNear
Allen Marr
Nancy Adair McPherson

Robert Milbrodt
Margaret Neu
Erica Neu
Daniel Ng
Pamela S. Nieberg
Torgny Nilsson
Amanda Noble
Martha O'Donnell
Joe O'Donnell
Colin O'Hara
Gerald Olson
Marika Papagianis
Demosthenes Pappagianis
Susan Pelican
Rachel Pelican
Don Price
Rob Roy
John Sanford
Harmony Scopazzi
Karrie Sequeira
Shawn Smallwood
Jenny Stark
Carol Stewart
Rikk Stockert
Amy Struder
Russell Tangren
Dorothy Tangren
William K. Thomas
Patricia Todesco
Matthew Uriu

Diane Wagstaff

Janice Walker
Linda Walsh
Sandra Walsh
John A. Weeks

Sandy Weetman
Don Wilson
Joseph Wisgirda

* partial list

"Colin is a staunch advocate for transparency, accountability, and responsible well planned growth." 

                -  Pierre Neu, Winters City Council Member 

"I am delighted to support Colin Walsh for City Council. He’s a kind, thoughtful and reflective person. Most important, Colin is an independent thinker. He’s balanced, informed, transparent and open in his thinking. Colin will seek to understand all sides of issues and then consider the path forward. "

                           Joe Krovoza, Former Davis Mayor

"Colin will stand up to the financial influences of developers who are trying to shape the city to their advantage. He will push for a new citizen based general plan that addresses: a stable economy, climate change, income and racial equality, connects bicycle paths, and preserves the character of our town."

               Michael Corbett, Former Davis Mayor

"Colin is hardworking, honest, and principled. He will respect the right of citizens to be heard. A master of city planning detail, he will hold developers to all aspects of their agreements with the City."

                   Ken Wagstaff, Former Davis Mayor

"Colin has the judgment to honor our unique small town character while applying sound environmental planning principles.  Colin won't blindly follow out-of-town boilerplate consultant reports and approve every developer application with only minor tweaks."

                    Sue Greenwald, Former Davis Mayor

"The city will be well served by Colin’s professional skills, his public outreach, and attention to details."
                     Bill Kopper, Former Davis Mayor