Davis is an amazing city. Where we go from here is a choice the entire community  must be able to participate in, and participate in meaningful ways.  
The Track for Responsible Community Driven Government

Institute a fully transparent city decision-making process from start to finish with follow-up to ensure that decisions are implemented as promised and agreed to.  This includes thorough and timely outreach to make certain that the community members are informed. There should be no surprises in city government.


Strengthen our city with closer attention and management of fiscal decisions and set policy with an eye to growing local businesses and positioning Davis to take advantage of its unique ties to UCD, local agriculture, and farm-to-fork cuisine.


Evaluate today's decisions by their impacts on our collective future.  What do the policies accomplish for individuals, the town, the environment, and the city's fiscal health?


Listen to people’s concerns in a respectful manner and actively pursue  neighborhood involvement.  Take prompt action to address community concerns. Our diversity is our strength and people should feel welcome, safe, and included in our community.


Tap our considerable local talent through commissions and input from local experts and key partnerships.

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Photo by Iggie Walsh

I Believe 
  •  That Democracy thrives with participation.

  • In respecting and maintaining strong neighborhoods. 

  • In the need for a more robust affordable housing program.

  • In protecting the environment.

  • We must act with urgency to meet Davis’ carbon neutrality goal.

  • City budgets should avoid borrowing from the future.

  • People without housing should be treated with respect.

  • That locally-owned businesses are crucial for Davis's economy.

  • UCD is an invaluable asset and cooperation is key to our success.

  • Davis should have space for families.

  • Having enough student housing is important for all of Davis.

  • New developments must benefit the community.

  • Quality farm land is precious.